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Global Integrated Systems Engineering (GISE)


Today, a new kind of global economic system—one that is creating the closest thing yet to a single "borderless" world market, is here. Inevitably, a new way of thinking is necessary in order to survive in the fast-changing economy. A necessary condition for businesses to survive and thrive in the global arena is to embrace the world's cultural differences, to be able to communicate effectively in this environment, to be able think from a systems perspective and to be able to analyze business problems to meet these needs. Global Integrated Systems Engineering (GISE) is a unique program to help you attain these skills.

GISE is a hands-on, practical program of study designed for working professionals. The GISE curriculum provides the problem-solving and analytical skills necessary to maximize existing resources and uncover breakthrough opportunities for both the individual and the organization. The program's emphasis on systems engineering, project management, finance, and supply chain management, combined with a multi-cultural emphasis, will produce a new generation of complex systems thinkers who can excel in a global business environment.

A key strength of the GISE Program is the integrated approach that faculty have taken in creating it. As a result, students learn to integrate concepts for improved problem-solving with business management. Participants will complete this unique 12-credit hour program in 9 months by:

  • Attending classes one evening per week, virtually or in-person, through the fall and winter quarters.
  • Completing a team-based systems design experience in the spring quarter.

Who should attend

The program is aimed at the following target audiences:

  • Practicing engineers in companies that are interested in strengthening their technical and/or management knowledge from a systems perspective.
  • Graduate students in universities studying engineering or a related discipline, who are interested in broadening their understanding of global integrated systems engineering.


UW Professional & Continuing Education manages the ISE certificate programs, and your can view the current tuition rate on the Professional & Continuing Education page for GISE. Visit the Professional & Continuing Education page on Registration & costs for more information on tuition. Tuition exemption is unavailable for certificate programs.