Interviewing for job search information

These are not job interviews, but informational interviews, in order to learn more about industries, companies, or positions (job titles/duties). Set up some informal interviews or just casually talk with working engineers and managers to identify companies you might be interested in working for. Attend local events like engineering society events, so you can meet working engineers and UW ISE alumni. Use your references & professional network to meet people who work in positions or for companies that you are interested in working for.

Focus most of your efforts on getting facts about the company, including its size, major products or services, what it’s like to work there, the types of positions that an industrial engineer might apply for, and the kinds of projects and assignments currently in work.

Use your interviewing results to help focus your job search; this includes deciding if you are still interested in a company (or position) after learning more about it. If you become interested in applying to a particular company (or position) then look for ways of applying for any open positions there, such as using the company’s online jobs website, or by attending hiring events, etc. Your informational interview contacts there may be able to offer some advice on applying for positions at their company.