Expanding your search: IE-related job titles

When looking for a job, don't limit your search exclusively to positions with "industrial engineer" in the title. Different companies may use different terms for roles that share similar skill sets. Additionally, ISE is a field that exists at the crossroads of engineering and other disciplines, allowing for broad applicability of your degree. Many professionals with backgrounds in ISE follow career paths that lead them into project management or management consulting. Expand your job search to include the titles listed below to make sure that you are not missing relevant job opportunities.

  • Systems engineer (non-electrical systems)
  • Management engineer (the title used in healthcare industry)
  • Project manager (non-construction projects)
  • Facility planner & facilities engineer (non-maintenance)
  • Manufacturing engineer/production engineer
  • Process improvement engineer
  • Productivity improvement specialist
  • Methods engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Ergonomics engineer
  • Safety engineer
  • Lean/Six Sigma projects leader or instructor
  • Empowerment teams leader
  • Supply chain manager
  • Consultant (engineering & management consulting)