Main project sequence

  1. Project request received
  2. Discuss project’s objective with customer
  3. Tour the problem area (if possible)
  4. Form a project team
  5. Meet with people close to the problem
  6. Do some preliminary analysis of the problem
  7. Develop a project plan (objective, scope, approach, and planned deliverables)
  8. Develop a project schedule
  9. Review the plan and schedule with the customer, and discuss frequency of project updates (reports and/or communication)
  10. Analyze existing process and existing data
  11. Obtain and analyze new data (if required)
  12. Document findings and observations
  13. Benchmark similar processes (if applicable)
  14. Develop solutions and check against actual conditions
  15. Evaluate and test solutions
  16. Document conclusions and recommendations
  17. Review findings and recommendations with the customer
  18. Develop an implementation plan (if required)
  19. Follow-up with the customer