Preparing a list of references

Using your references:

  • Use your references, professors, and other professional network contacts for job leads
  • Be very specific in telling them what you are looking for
  • Let them know your sense of urgency
  • Keep following up with them until you get the job you want
  • Tell them when you get your new job

Preparing a list of references:

  • You should have 4-5 references written up as a separate document, ready to send out to a potential hiring manager, upon request.
  • Make sure you have contacted all references you list, and get an agreement from each that they will speak very positively of you, where possible
  • List their current work information (title, company, e-mail address, & phone)
  • List when you knew them & which company they are a reference for
  • If a reference is working at a different company now than when you knew them, state what company they were at when you knew them
  • Add this phrase to the bottom of your resume:
    [References will be furnished upon request.]

Word document format for a separate list of references