Doing "mock" or practice job interviews

It is very helpful to prepare for actual industry job interviews by doing some "mock" or practice interviews. These can be done formally, such as at an event usually conducted on campus in the spring, by the UW Student IISE Chapter (with invited local industry representatives conducting one-on-one mock interviews); or they can be done informally with a friend or roommate acting in the role of the hiring manager.

Bring along at least two copies of your current resume (for each interview), and try to act as if it is a real job interview. Listen carefully to any feedback you receive on your resume, or feedback on your responses to their questions. Prepare a few questions that you would like to have answered, either about the company or the job being discussed.

Mock interviews are usually not for current job openings, but will represent the type of ISE-related jobs their company sometimes offers. The first part of the session is conducted similar to a real job interview; the second part of the session will be to provide some feedback on your resume and some discussion of your responses to their questions (maybe with some suggestions to consider).

One of the advantages of doing several mock or practice interviews is to become comfortable talking about your resume and your background/work history, and to practice some responses to typical job interview questions. (See the article: “Sample job interview questions” [November 8, 2017], for some sample questions.)