Some career advice

  • Interview well for any job offer you accept and make sure all your questions are answered. See What to investigate before accepting a job offer.    
  • Work for companies that you admire.
  • Get as much experience and knowledge as you can from each company and each position you hold.
  • Learn the company’s products and the product build-sequence (if applicable).
  • Develop a "network" of useful contacts.
  • Volunteer for a new assignment at least once each year.
  • Practice life-time learning to stay current in your field.
  • Find a few mentors and coaches, and follow their advice, but only if it works for you.
  • Enjoy your career as it unfolds.
  • Make a career plan and update it periodically.
  • Join a professional society like IISE, volunteer, and try to attend professional conferences often.
  • Give back to your university and the ISE department.
  • Later in your career be a mentor.