Some simple financial planning advice

After you graduate, you will probably be making a good income working as an industrial and systems engineer. It will be important for you to be responsible with your finances. Develop a simple budget and follow it. Watch your expenses, including housing costs and other monthly expenses. Control your discretionary expenses (like travel and meals out).

Live within your means, and not just existing from paycheck to paycheck. If you have student loans, build a budget that allows for gradual repayment. If you borrowed money from relatives, plan to repay them as well. Go slow on major purchases (like a car); consider buying a good quality used vehicle initially. Control extravagant costs like wedding expenses and exotic travel expenses. Set up some emergency savings for unexpected expenses (like car repairs). Make sure you have adequate health insurance.

Pay all your bills on time. Utilize local online banking and online bill payments. Check your bank accounts and credit cards regularly online. Keep track of your credit score, and do some actions that may improve it.