Typical job search activities

  • Start your job search by really knowing yourself and what you are looking for in a new or first job
  • Have a vision of what you really see yourself doing in a few years, to help you find a company or organization that matches your vision
  • Contact all of your professional references (past managers, university professors, university alumni, etc.), and also ask them to help you with your job search
  • Prepare your resume using a good format, and practice talking it with a friend
  • Do some networking to expand your professional contacts
  • Research several companies that you might want to work for, use your references & professional network
  • Use company online websites, to post your resume and apply for positions you are qualified for
  • Attend any job fairs held on campus or locally, particularly if a company you are interested in will be there
  • Use a few online search websites, like Handshake; filter for applicable jobs that match your background & interests
  • Send in your resume with a short, email note (or as an online submittal) to likely companies that you are interested in
  • Eventually, you should be invited in for live interviews (or occasionally, for phone interviews)
  • Good job interviews should result in some job offers (if not, make some revisions to your resume or do some practice interviews)

Typical Job Search Activities Flow Chart
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