Volunteer for something fun at work

Volunteer for something fun at work that helps your local community. This could be a company sponsored activity like back-to-school backpacks, or a volunteer workday to build a playground, etc. Pick an activity that you think you would enjoy and really get into it. Besides being good for your community, it lets you meet other volunteers at work outside your immediate group. This will help broaden your networking within the company, and will be a good way for others in the company to associate you as a good worker and a volunteer. Make sure you discuss your plan to volunteer with your supervisor first if it will involve any time off during work hours.

Often these volunteer events are done on an annual basis, so you can plan for them and set aside personal time to participate again the following year. Try to meet the organizer of the event and occasionally offer to help with the planning, if you can. It also helps to understand more about the community group that will be benefiting from the volunteer activity, since you may want to do additional follow-up activities later.

Eventually, after a few successful volunteer activities, you might want to lead or organize one of these events yourself