Why ISEs go into consulting

The problem-solving skills and root-cause-analysis skills that most Industrial & Systems Engineers (ISEs) have will carry over well into consulting (both engineering consulting and management consulting). Engineering consulting is usually more about technical applications, such as software or hardware implementations. Management consulting is usually more about general problem solving and advice to senior management. Both types of consulting often utilize good project management skills during the investigations and implementations.

In addition, ISEs often work in many different industries, where similar situations are encountered. This often helps the individual ISE to develop a more “global view” of problem solving. Sometimes this “global view” encourages them to look into positions with consulting companies.

Often on a management consulting assignment with other types of consultants (marketing, finance, information systems, transportation, etc.), the production and  operations (industrial engineering) consultant will become the team leader, due to the importance of the product and processes being examined (such as at a manufacturing facility).