Some reasons why resumes are thrown out early

There are some simple mistakes to avoid, in order to keep your resume from being thrown out early in the review process by a hiring company:

  • It’s not clear what job you are applying for.
  • You should be applying for an internship, but your resume looks like you are applying for a permanent job, before you plan to graduate.
  • It looks like you are applying for an internship, when you meant to apply for a permanent job.
  • It’s too hard to follow where you have worked or what experience you have.
  • You’ve included several self-praise comments that make you look egotistical and maybe a potential problem employee.
  • You have a confusing timeline of when you will graduate.
  • It looks like you are going directly into grad school, and will not be available for a job anytime soon.
  • You have used a strange or small font and it is very hard to read your resume.
  • It is very difficult to follow the text used in your resume (bad grammar, or bad spelling), making it hard to read.
  • You used an unusual file type (or software), that others can’t open.
  • You are an international student (non-U.S. citizen), applying for a U.S. Defense job, where U.S. citizenship is required.
  • You are applying for a much more senior position, than your current work background suggests you are qualified for.
  • You ignored the minimum criteria listed for the position.
  • You sent your resume to the wrong division, or wrong department, or the wrong mailing address.
  • You are applying for a position that has already been closed, so no new applications are being received (as stated on the company’s website).
  • Your contact information is incorrect, so you can’t receive a reply from the company.
  • There were no key words used in your resume, for the position you were applying for (so an auto search didn’t pick your resume).