Write your resume the way a hiring manager will be reading it

Fully explain items in your resume, so you won’t confuse hiring mangers or waste time explaining things during an interview. Try to anticipate the areas that need clarification and expand on these in your resume.

When you list your work history, describe the companies you worked for in enough detail so the interviewer will understand what the company does and what your job duties were. Also, note the size of the organization to put it in perspective. That way the interviewer can better understand the types of projects and responsibilities you had.

Indicate when your work was an internship and not a permanent job. Also, make sure that school projects are identified as being done while in college and not during an internship.

Specify the types of positions you are applying for, when you will be graduating, and what degree you will be earning. If graduating with an advanced degree (or a double major), make this clear on your resume.

When you include awards or honors in your resume, describe these in enough detail so interviewers will understand the award or honor. Then if they ask you questions about them, it’s because they are interested and not because they didn’t understand the significance of the item.

Look carefully at any potentially confusing or complex items in your resume. Decide first if you should delete these items. If you keep the items, clarify them or try to anticipate the kinds of questions that might be obvious on each item. Don’t waste the interviewer’s time with items that you could easily clarify in your resume. Mock or practice interviews can be very useful at identifying confusing things in your resume.