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Chaoyue Zhao joins ISE faculty

December 9, 2019

Chaoyue Zhao

Chaoyue Zhao joined the ISE department in the fall of 2019. Most recently, she taught at Oklahoma State University. Zhao’s research interests and commitment to teaching are valuable assets for the department.

“I was very honored and proud to join UW ISE,” Zhao says. “Students here are always a pleasure. The interaction with them also broadens my perspective as I can learn from their ideas and experience. I love spending time with my students. It's incredible to see them apply what they have learned to make an impact, to see their competence and confidence grow.

“I also value that UW ISE has diverse research areas. I have a lot of chances to collaborate with my colleagues here, and discussing research with them is so exciting and it can always open up new worlds.

“My current research includes working on the development of data-driven optimization and its application on power system management, transportation, health care and other areas. In one project, I am exploring innovative optimization models to achieve cost-effective and reliable daily power system operations."

See Chaoyue's faculty page for more information on her research.