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Employment Opportunities


We are often looking for talented individuals to join our dynamic department. Whether you're an experienced professional seeking a faculty role or a dedicated student looking for enriching work-study opportunities, we encourage you to explore our diverse and rewarding career offerings. Join us in shaping the future of engineering excellence and innovation. 

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    Open faculty positions within ISE will be posted when available.

    To explore faculty and academic openings across all 10 UW college of Engineering Departments, visit Academic Jobs.


    Open staff positions within ISE will be posted when available.

    To explore non-academic openings across the entire UW landscape, visit UWHires. The keyword “engineering” will help you find openings within the 10 engineering departments on campus. 


    Below is a list of currently available student employee positions within ISE.

    UW students may be eligible for Work-Study positions. For a complete list of student employment opportunities offered through ISE, visit our Student Employment & Research page.

  • Click here to view UW student employee hourly pay rate.

  • We will continue to post positions as it comes up. Please check frequently. If you are interested in TA, Grader, or instructor position please apply by following the steps below: 

  • Grader

    Grader positions are are hourly ASE appointments with a maximum of 19.5 hours per week. Grader positions do not include tuition or health benefits. Do not contact the course instructor regarding grader positions or the status of an application. Check this website for updates. 

    Likely Grader duties include:

    • Teaching Assistants

      Accepting applications for TA positions for Summer 2024 INDE 315

      Teaching Assistantships (TAs) are full ASE appointments that include monthly salary, health insurance, and tuition benefits. We currently offer a variable salary rate. Do not contact the course instructor regarding TA positions or the status of an application. Check this website for updates.

      Likely TA duties include:

    • Independently leading Quiz, Lab, or Review sections
    • Attending class
    • Attending regular meetings with the course instructor
    • Responding to student inquiries, including email
    • Grading homework
    • Grading exams
    • Other course administration and logistical support
      • Grading homework
      • Grading midterms / finals
      • Maintaining course grades
      • Other course administration and logistical support
    • Pre-doctoral Instructor position

      There are currently no openings this position. Please check back soon for new opportunities! 

    How To Apply (TAs, Graders, and Pre-doctoral Instructor)

    Competitive applicants will have taken the class (or something very similar) and received a strong grade. Applications must be submitted as a single PDF file via the link below. Application must include: 

    1. An up-to-date resumé
    2. A brief cover letter summarizing
      a) The position you are applying for TA, Grader, Instructor, or Any available
      b) your previous Grader/TA experience, and
      c) your relevant coursework and grades. 

Apply for TA/Grader pr Pre-Doctoral Position


Application inquiries may be made with:


TA, Graders, and Pre-doctoral Instructor job classification is governed by a negotiated labor contract and is subject to union shop provisions. For more information about union shop provisions, visit: 

The University of Washington is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. To request disability accommodation in the application process, contact the Disability Services Office at 206.543.6450 / 206.543.6452 (tty) or

Ongoing application will be accepted as positions open up. Apply to be considered!