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Everyone has a home in Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE). ISE faculty and staff are committed to fostering an inclusive learning community. We celebrate diverse perspectives because they can lead to a high-quality educational experience.

About half of our faculty are women, and our students have held leadership positions in various student groups including the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, National Society of Black EngineersWomen in Science and Engineering, the Society of Women Engineers, and the Minority Scholars Engineering Program.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core to being an industrial and systems engineer.  Our goal is to design complex systems that can be utilized by all people. It is therefore imperative that our graduates have a keen understanding and appreciation for diverse needs and ideas.

We welcome students of all races, ethnicities, national origins, gender identities, religions, sexual orientations, abilities/disabilities, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, military status, and other identities not listed. We uphold the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and do not tolerate racism in any form. If you see bias in action or know of anyone facing it, please speak up and let your professors or academic advisors know. In addition, the following resources are available on campus.

Group of ISE graduate students in the quad

Reporting Resources

Health and Wellness

Diversity Webpages