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Future undergraduate students

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About the program

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) degree is a robust program that prepares students to work on integrated systems. Students take a systems approach in the design, development, testing, and evaluation of processes, services, and products. They understand and can account for the organizational and societal impacts of technical decisions. BSIE students sharpen their oral and written communication skills via various team projects throughout their studies.


The undergraduate curriculum focuses on system integration and methods to analyze, design, and improve manufacturing and service systems. Students take courses in operations research, production systems, applied statistics and design of experiments, quality control, and human factors. The BSIE degree culminates in an industry sponsored senior design experience. Learn more about degree requirements.

Admission information

The undergraduate experience

Meet some of our undergrads:

Marina Hutchison

Marina Hutchison

Marina's ISE training allowed her to make an impact on real workers' lives at Boeing during a summer job.

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Emma Utley

Emma Utley

Through a research project, Emma learned the applicability of ISE within healthcare.

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Victor Xia

HaiFeng "Victor" Xia

Victor worked with a local hospital to model a pharmacy inventory system.

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Max Yang

Haolong "Max" Yang

Max was drawn to ISE because he enjoys building systems from scratch: "It feels like playing Minecraft in which I can build up a great empire from an empty land."

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