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Master of Industrial & Systems Engineering (MISE)

The Master of Industrial & Systems Engineering (MISE) is a non-thesis degree designed for engineers, scientists, and mathematicians with at least two years of work experience in a technical environment who wish to excel as complex system thinkers in today's global business environment. This hybrid program, classroom and/or online, focuses on systems engineering, an interdisciplinary approach to designing and optimizing successful systems. The educational objectives of this program are to produce graduates who have:

  • Inter-disciplinary skills that enable them to work successfully within and outside technical departments
  • Systems-based approaches that can be used in any complex applications
  • Enhanced decision-making, leadership and management capabilities
  • Experience with multidisciplinary and virtual teams doing project based work
  • Analytical skills for systems modeling and analysis

MISE courses are taught by UW faculty in the late afternoon or evening to fit professional schedules. The MISE was developed to facilitate flexible learning. The in-person, livestream, and recording features of this program make it one of a kind. The dedicated classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows for an interactive environment for all students. Off-campus students are provided direct access to the classroom and can seamlessly ask questions, engage in meaningful dialogue and give presentations from anywhere in the world using only a computer, internet connection and a microphone. The latest and best software is used to create a dynamic platform that enhances flexible learning. In addition, the courses are recorded and conveniently provided to all students for review at a later date.

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