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UW MISE Executive Advisory Board Membership

"Leroy Hanneman"


Leroy Hanneman, as Executive Advisor, brings experience with international, national, state & local government and industry national security technology programs. As a university regional program director, academic instructor and Engineering Advisory Board member, and INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board and elected Foundation Board member, he brings a familiarity and organizational connective foundation to support the UW, MISE and SE-EAB that’s intended to shape, guide and initiate a transformational learning experience for program participants. 


"Marc Nance"



Marc Nance brings decades of advanced technology research leadership experience to the UW and the MISE program, particularly in the aerospace, defense and automotive sectors. His experience at Boeing involved leadership on six major development programs around the globe, and portfolio management of hundreds of enabling technology research projects in systems, software and safety engineering. Recently, for example, he led a large multi-company Urban Air Mobility project to bring disruptive aviation to the world. As a Systems Engineering skill function leader Marc was also responsible for the selection and management of systems engineering personnel. Today Marc serves as the Chief Operating Officer of a small systems and safety engineering services company in support of several large, global technology corporations.

"Bryan Ross"



Bryan Ross provides in-depth participation with and application of systems engineering principles to mechanical and information system engineering challenges, especially maturing disruptive technologies, that promise significant advances to the development of large-scale ground transportation systems. His experience with PACCAR vehicle integration challenges, like function definition, embedded software development and identification of patentable technology research, provides UW programs with unique skillset development opportunities and laboratory project competitions.




Eric Wetzel brings a wealth of hands-on real aerospace product and software engineering experience to the UW and the MISE program. His leadership roles at Boeing, including innovative launch systems, e.g., Sea Launch, and spacecraft configuration, were further expanded and sharpened at Blue Origin where, as Systems Architect and Chief Engineer for Advanced Development Programs, his focus emphasizes emerging, potentially disruptive technologies and new spacecraft product innovations.


"Terri Chan"



Terri Chan broadens our systems engineering, modeling and simulation depth in military and commercial aerospace (e.g., Boeing, Lockheed-Martin and NASA-JPL) to include other market sectors and disciplines with focus on architectural integration, dynamic design behavioral modeling, competitive intelligence and benchmarking. Extending her Aerospace Engineering and Systems Architecture and Engineering experience with professional organizations like SWE and INCOSE provides us leadership insights and collaboration opportunities to apply systems thinking to global challenges in areas as different as healthcare, homelessness and the environment.


"Evan Hanneman"



Evan Hanneman brings a large-scale, cross-industry (aerospace, defense, healthcare, education, and applied technology research) collaborative leadership perspective to the UW, the MISE Program and the SE Executive Advisory Board. He has participated in progressive leadership roles for several “global” Fortune 50 companies in the local PNW area (e.g., Microsoft and Boeing) and is known for leading both strategic development and execution teams through disruptive product and technology development, implementation, delivery and operational support.


"Lena Zhang"



Lena Zhang brings a strong perspective and global customer engineering focus to the UW team. Her experience and education in aerospace and systems engineering with hands-on application to a Boeing customer like JAL, a flagship airline, showcase her multidisciplinary (business, technical, system development, operation and support) integration skills for total customer satisfaction…and development of “systems thinking” individuals.


"Ben Chao"



Ben Chao has an unusual combination of experience with integrative user-development strategies for multiple high-tech “local” global businesses (Google, Amazon and Microsoft). He brings a unique perspective to the UW program that strengthens the connection between user-level experience and community engagement. For example, at Amazon and Google he developed and managed innovative integrative deployment and support programs around the world that improved early understanding of emerging regional market requirements, at the same time enhancing customer operation and appreciation of field-delivered products and services. 


"Colleen McClure"



Colleen McClure brings visibility (e.g., SWE 2019 Prism award), senior leadership skills (e.g., Boeing Structures Systems Engineering Integration for the KC-46 Tanker), and Academic Foundation Board experience (e.g., Education Fund Chair). She has developed global insights for innovation with an operational perspective. That vision and experience enables broadening the scope and mission of the UW MISE Program to bring systems thinking to sectors where the needs are greatest and the challenges most complex.


"Leslie Collinson"



Leslie Collinson brings the perspective of, and more than a decade’s experience with, nanotech-based startup companies. Her emphasis has included licensing high-tech manufacturing technology, as the Systems Director at Modumetal, and consulting and product development work as Program Manager at Synapse, where she serves a wide variety of clients in industries from AgTech to Consumer Electronics. Her primary interest is in applying the principles and practices of Systems Engineering to agile hardware development environments to produce more robust, successful products. 


"Tim Vinopal"



Tim Vinopal brings 36 years’ experience leading diverse, multi-disciplinary development teams delivering air, space and global network solutions for Boeing customers. After spending his first 26 years designing and developing launch vehicles, crewed and unmanned spacecraft, and global networking solutions, he dedicated his final decade at Boeing to advocate and develop environmentally progressive systems and technologies.


"Jeff Plant"



Jeff Plant brings an extensive background of commercial airplane and aerospace product development and life-cycle management leadership. As Boeing’s Commercial Airplanes Chief Architect, his oversight of Systems Engineering and Airplane-level Integration provide a wealth of application-specific examples relevant to the UW and the MISE program.