Staying calm during your job search

It is important to stay calm and resilient during your job search. As you approach graduation, it is easy to feel pressure during a job search or when applying to graduate school. And sometimes job interviews can be additional pressure, along with waiting for results from recent applications or interviews. Even waiting to hear back from graduate schools can be stressful. As you get closer to graduation, it can be easy to feel some panic and think your job search is failing and you are in trouble of not finding a job or not being accepted to a graduate school anytime soon.
There are several articles in the job search and in the job interviewing categories of this blog that have some practical tips that will help you stay focused with your job search; but the best thing you can do is not panic and continue to do useful activities. Be resilient and don’t dwell on setbacks, but continue to do your research and other things that will help you be successful.

Revise your job search as needed:

  • If you are not finding job openings, consider changing your approach.
  • If you are not getting job interviews, consider changing your approach.
  • If you are not getting job offers, consider changing your approach or maybe broaden your list of company/organizations you are applying to.

Remember, an Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) degree is a great engineering degree, and there are many companies and organizations looking to hire engineers with this unique skill set.