Staying at home during the coronavirus situation – some mentoring advice

Now is a good time for UW ISE students to lead by example during this pandemic. Follow all the CDC guidelines, including strict adherence to social distancing and staying home as much as possible to minimize spreading the deadly coronavirus.

Utilize your computer and internet skills to maintain electronic communication with family and friends. Also provide computer assistance to older family members who may need help now.

Look for other ways to personally help out, such as donating blood, providing food and prescription drug delivery for family and friends in your community, and utilizing your skills to help others (such as computer tech support, etc.). Donate funds to local food banks, and look for other ways to help your community safely.

Be smart in what you do while staying home, such as doing online research on companies you may want to work for, catching up on your current university subjects, or utilizing more of your creative skills (painting, sculpting, writing, woodworking, gardening, etc.). This is a great time to read more books for pleasure or even learn a foreign language. Share some of your better internet searches, such as free image galleries of museums, online books, national parks, and NASA images.

Utilize student chapters of professional societies (like IISE) and university clubs to keep in touch and share ideas electronically, also to make new friends using the internet.