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GISE program features


As a result of active participation in this course, students will be able to determine the key components, their relationships, and their impacts on the management, analysis, and design of a systems engineering project in a global business environment. Students will learn to apply multiple decision methodologies in the development of a solution to a complex engineering problem. Students will acquire the knowledge and skill required to optimize the work of a multidisciplinary team in solving engineering design problems.  Students will also develop cross-cultural communication skills.

To the employer, these skills, when utilized effectively, will help the organization remain competitive in today's changing and challenging business environment. GISE participants develop an appreciation for teamwork and the impact of decision making on bottom-line profitability. Current employees can acquire needed skills to adapt to change and continue to be productive while participating in this program. This result also benefits the employer by compressing the time necessary for the employee to learn these skills "on the job."

Additional features

  • The program was created by senior faculty at the University of Washington's College of Engineering and the Business School, in collaboration with The Boeing Company.
  • The 12-credit hour certificate program may be transferable into existing UW graduate engineering programs.
  • Participants located outside the region may participate in real-time instruction and project work.
  • The integrated lecture format means that multiple UW faculty attend lecture sessions. This provides linkages across topics and provides additional perspectives.