Conducting an out-of-town job search

When conducting an out-of-town job search (in another city, or in another state), you may have to utilize other resources to get information on these hiring companies. If a company you are interested in comes on campus (at a career fair, a hiring event, etc.), try to arrange to meet with them, and make sure you let them know the location (city or state) you are most interested in. If you are working through their company website, often you can specify the location of a job you are interested in, or make a selection from the available online choices.

If you are not sure which companies have jobs in the city you are interested in, you will need to get some initial leads on companies to research and later contact.  Your references and professional network contacts may have information on out-of-town companies. You can also utilize the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers (IISE) and other engineering societies that have local chapters. The IISE chapter president or regional vice president in a different location can be contacted directly by email; see the IISE chapter directory. You can also do an industry search for a specific location, using the internet, to get a list of companies to do additional research on. 

Once you have done enough research to have a list of several companies in a different city or state, it will help if you can visit the area for several days, and try to arrange on-site meetings.  This will also let you get familiar with places to live and transportation options in the new location.

If doing an interview by phone, review the Oct. 9, 2018 articleConducting a job interview by phone."