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ISE students speak about how the Student Group Endowment Fund can enrich their lives.

What is the purpose of a permanent endowment fund?

This campaign was launched by students and alumni to support the continuing operations and growth of two Industrial & Systems Engineering student groups:

What do the ISE student groups do?

The Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers (IISE) and Alpha Pi Mu (APM) are important partners in the ISE department. These student groups promote professional, educational, and social development within the ISE community and the College of Engineering. IISE and APM have hosted and organized many events including:

Professional development
  • Recruiting events with local employers
  • Panel discussions with industry
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Annual ISE Resume Book
Educational opportunity
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
  • Graduate school panels and workshops
  • Community outreach at local high schools
  • ISE student tutoring
Social and networking opportunities
  • Networking events with local professionals
  • Attendance and participation at national conferences
  • Department-wide social events

What do we hope to achieve?

Our long term goals are to:

  • Raise the $25,000 required to establish the endowment
  • Reach a $100,000 stretch goal

How will the money be used?

The UW invests the endowment money and provides a 4% annual return that will help fund:

  • The expansion of student group activities, such as professional development, educational programs, and networking opportunities
  • Improved outreach programs at local K-12 schools and community colleges
  • Participation in national industrial engineering conferences, competitions, and events
  • And much more!

How will the funds be administered?

  • Student group officers or members must submit a written proposal to the ISE chair that outlines the proposed use for the funds requested
  • The proposal must provide matching funds from the requester(s)
  • Endowment funding cannot be used to replace student group fundraising efforts