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Graduate Seminars Winter 2021

Date Speaker
January 5 

Dr. Archis Ghate, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Washington

Information session for graduate students about writing research papers

January 12

Dr. James H. Lambert, Engineering Systems and Environment, University of Virginia

On Risk and Resilience of Priorities for Engineering Systems

January 19

Dr. Ben Noah, Senior Design Researcher, Microsoft

Including diverse voices in research for AI technology

January 26

Dr. Yaileen Mendez Vazquez, Mechanical Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Teamwork Simulation for System Design: The Effects of Knowledge Transfer and Process Loss on Team Performance

February 2

Dr. Ranjana Mehta, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Texas A&M University

The Whole is Other Better than Some of its Parts Connecting neck up and neck down HF/E through NeuroErgonomics

February 9

Dr. Sam Burden, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Washington

Sensorimotor games:  human/machine collaborative learning and control

February 16

Dr. Pascal Van Hentenryck, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Tech

Socially-Aware Mobility Systems

February 23

Dr. David Kaber, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida

Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Florida and a Focus on Human-Automation Interaction Research

March 2

Dr. Haitao Liao, Industrial Engineering, University of Arkansas

Topics on Reliability Prediction Based on Different Types of Accelerated Testing Data 

March 9

Dr. Changhyun Kwon,  Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, University of South Florida

Optimization and Learning Methods for Rebalancing Electric-Vehicle Sharing Systems