Investigating companies

When initially investigating companies that you are interested in working for, there are several activities that can help your job search:

  • Make a list of companies you are most interested in (maybe start with a list of around 5-10 companies), and utilize your contacts and their company websites, to search for current openings. This will have to be revised every few weeks, as new listings appear and old listings drop off their website.
  • When doing company website searches, also look at the products and services offered by each company to see if the company and its products interest you, and what ISE-related positions they offer. If later you get a job interview with that company, share some of your research about their company in order to show your interest.
  • Use your professional network contacts (including your references, ISE alumni, and ISE dept. professors) to get company contacts and leads on ISE-type jobs.
  • Talk to the Career Center @Engineering to get current information on local companies that might be hiring ISEs, including dates the companies will be on campus. 
  • Utilize the UW Handshake site, to regularly search for ISE-type job listings. 
  • Look over the list of companies sponsoring senior design projects (this year and the last two years) to see if any of those companies interest you.
  • Talk to the UW IISE student chapter officers about information they may have on local companies and any upcoming IISE chapter tours.
  • Talk to other ISE seniors about their job search efforts and any company contacts and leads they may be able to share with you.