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Senior Design Information for Students (Capstone)


Senior design, also known as Capstone, takes place during winter and spring quarters and includes the following courses:

  • IND E 494: Design in the Manufacturing Firm (4 credits)
  • IND E 495: Industrial Engineering Design (4 credits)


During these courses, you will work with industry mentors to define an industry-proposed problem, collect data, and propose a solution to the problem. Oral and written reports cover the investigation and conclusions reached. You will present your research to industry clients at the Project Showcase at the end of spring quarter.


Teams consist of 4 to 6 students. Team members will be selected by the faculty adviser, Patty Buchanan. The team makeup is based on student skills and the courses taken relevant to each project.

Project Selection

You should consider your specific areas of interest within industrial engineering when picking projects. To be matched to a project, you will list the top four projects you are interested in, as well as two projects you do not wish to work on.