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Graduate Seminars Autumn 2020

Date Speaker
March 31

Dr. Abraham Flaxman, Global Health and Health Metrics Sciences, University of Washington

Differential Privacy in Theory and Practice, with a focus on the 2020 US Census

April 7

Dr. Behnoosh Parsa, Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington

Human Action Recognition for Postural Assessment

April 14

Dr. Linda Ng Boyle, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Washington

Drivers’ allocation of attention given increasingly autonomous systems

April 21

Dr. Yen-Chi Chen, Department of Statistics, University of Washington

Analyzing GPS data using density ranking

April 28

Dr. Lei Yuan, Principal Machine Learning Scientist, Kwai Inc

How to Make Your Model Useful

May 5


Dr. Zeeshan Zia, co-founder at Retrocausal 

Applications of human-aware computer vision/VR/AR in manufacturing

May 12


Dr. Sreeram Kannan, Department of Electrical & Computer Eng., University of Washington

Blockchain protocols made efficient and scalable

May 19

Dr. Krithika Manohar, Computing & Mathematical Sciences, California Institute of Technology

Data-driven optimization of sensor placement and forecasting

May 26

Dr. Pramita Mitra, Research Supervisor, Ford Motor Company

Beyond Bitcoin & ICOs: Blockchain in Automotive Industry

June 2

Dr. Kate Hoyt, Assistant Professor, Pacific Luthern University

Infrastructural Affordances as Tools for Corporate Subversion: Disrupting the Imperialist Logics of Google Map Maker