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Career Pathways


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Career Pathways

Allow Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering students to specialize in various areas within the discipline while offering the flexibility to include relevant courses from different fields.


This design helps students align their studies with their long-term career goals, while emphasizing a flexibility that is reflective of the very nature of industrial and systems engineering –a discipline that prizes adaptability and readiness for a rapidly changing world.

These suggested programs, featuring courses tailored to future industrial and systems engineers, serve as guides rather than fixed templates. Students are encouraged to use these guides to tailor their degree or explore new areas within ISE, fostering a broad learning experience while satisfying BSIE degree requirements.

In collaboration with advising staff and faculty, students can create a unique academic path that satisfies the BSIE degree requirements and their personal vision. Regardless of the chosen path, every degree culminates with a final year Capstone Project, in which students work closely with a sponsoring company, nonprofit or government organizations to tackle a real-world engineering project.

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