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Current Students

Genie Industries

Improving the mini paint line

  • Sean Hoon
  • Will Parnicky
  • Rafaela Ribeiro
  • Gino Thompson
  • Camden Wheatcroft
Industry mentors
  • Ankit Sharma
  • Caitlin Schwalbach
  • Eric Purry
  • Lindsey McLain
Genie Industries
Faculty adviser
Christina Mastrangelo

About the project

Genie Industries, a manufacturer of lifting equipment, plans to move one of its production lines. The move presents an opportunity to introduce process improvements when the line is reconfigured. This senior design project explored ways to improve the production rate of the line. The team found that if Genie were to invest in an automated paint system, they would be able to increase their production capacity from 50 to 60 units per shift. Though this solution would require an initial capital expenditure, in the long run, the investment would decrease labor costs and reduce the potential for error in the production process.