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UW Medicine Body Imaging

Data analytics to improve decision making in radiology body imaging operations

  • Omran Kemal
  • Daniel Kim
  • Steven Ong
  • Courtney Seto
  • Colton Smith
Industry mentor
Dr. Manjiri Dighe
UW Medicine Body Imaging
Faculty adviser
Christina Mastrangelo

About the project

The head of the UW Medical Center Radiology Body Imaging Department manually creates physician staffing schedules. This scheduling process is complex because of physician scheduling preferences and the large number of scheduling variables. Difficulty with scheduling can lead to cases not being read on time. This senior design project aimed to improve the scheduling process by designing a data visualization tool that has the potential to minimize late cases. The tool, called ScanSight, can help the scheduler make decisions on how many radiologists to schedule, which radiologists to schedule, where to schedule them, and when to schedule them.