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Current Students

UW Medicine Echo Lab

Increasing treadmill stress test throughput and efficiency

  • Aaron Lum
  • Ibrahim Aljammaz
  • Mohammed Alangari
  • Obed Meyers
  • Varrick Anderson
UW Medicine Echo Lab
Faculty adviser
Christina Mastrangelo

About the project

The UW Medical Center Echo Lab has experienced increased demand for treadmill stress tests. In order to meet this demand, the lab must improve their workflow so more tests can be completed over a given period of time. This senior design project aimed to uncover sources of inefficacy that the echo lab could eliminate to make tests faster. This team recommended that the Echo Lab assign a dedicated nurse, EKG technician, and sonographer to stay in the test room, because the process of calling staff back to the test room wasted time. Additional recommendations for improving efficiency involved job shadowing opportunities and the inclusion of reporting workstations within the test room.